Assalamualaikum, I am clinical dietician Ayesha Nasir and today we have another client testimonial with us, brought directly to you by the client herself. 

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Keep reading to learn about the amazing weight loss transformation of Noreena, who is 27 and lives in South Africa. Noreena has followed a diet plan I prescribed a few months ago and now looks almost unrecognizable. 

Noreena’s story

Hi, I’m Noreena and I currently weigh 66 kg but a while back I weighed around 80 kg. I was unsatisfied with my weight and personally wanted to be more fit. So I contacted a friend of mine and told her about my issues with my weight. 

She advised that I see a nutritionist and prescribed Ms.  Ayesha Nasir to me. Through video consultations, Ms. Ayesha gave me my first diet plan. In just 15 days, I lost around 4 kg of weight. 

The diet plan was incredibly easy to follow and sustain in my daily life. For pre-breakfast, she told me to drink a glass of zeera water which I prepared the previous night by soaking a tablespoon of zeera in a glass of water. 

Approximately an hour after that, I would have my breakfast. For this, she recommended a slice of brown bread, one egg in any form, and one cup of tea with no sugar. An hour after that, I would eat one fruit and only banana, grapes, and mango were restricted. 

Two hours after that, at around 2 pm, I would have my lunch. For lunch, I would have to eat half a roti with whatever salan was available and one cup salad. For salan, alu and daal were restricted. 

If I were to have alu or daal, I would not have roti with it. In the evening around 4-5 pm, I was advised to have a cup of milk with haldi and a few almonds without the skin. I would then have my dinner around 8 pm. 

Dinner mostly consisted of 150 gram grilled chicken or channa Chaat with one cup boiled chanay and one cup salad. Whenever I was bored with this routine, I could easily have my diet plan renewed by Ms. Ayesha Nasir. 

Her message 

My message to all those women that are watching this video is that if you are overweight and want to reduce weight but due to any reason are unable to, you should contact Ms. Ayesha Nasir. 

Not only will she help you look good and fit, but she will also help you be healthier in the long run, and save you from countless illnesses attributed to being overweight.

When you have a plan, staying motivated is the key to success. Practice patience and show consistency and I promise, you will see rapid results. Thank you for reading my story, I wish you all the best.