8 Best Weight Loss Tips According to a Dietitian

I am clinical dietitian Ayesha Nasir, and in this article I will share some tried and tested best weight loss tips with my viewers. 

Let me just start off by acknowledging that every individual body is different in terms of size and structure. And the mechanisms of weight loss that are fit for different bodies vary greatly from person to person in their journey towards fitness. 

That said however, there are a few best weight loss tips that are quite flexible and work for every individual to an extent without the need for a lot of variation when it comes to your diet. The essence of which are vaguely the same in most cases. 

Here are our Top Weight loss tips concerning meals 

1. Nutraceuticals 

Starting from the top, let’s get nutraceuticals out of the way. Nutraceuticals are natural and organic compounds that can be used as medicine for psychological and nutritional benefits. Using these substances is the perfect way to wake your body up from a good night’s sleep. 

These substances are best to ingest early morning, right after you wake up from your restful sleep. This is because these early stages in your day make for your body’s peak time of absorption rate and you can detox your internal digestive system from leftover bacteria. 

Most people’s routines already involves waking up to a glass of warm water which helps increase the efficacy of their bodies, so adopting this new method shouldn’t be much of an effort for them. 

However, for optimum benefit, you can add your desired nutraceutical to a tall glass of room temperature water and drink it in small sips.

It is better to take your time in finishing this detoxing drink. A good range is from 5-10 minutes.

These nutraceuticals are indeed good for weight loss; but the nutraceutical of your choice is also largely dependent on your medical history. Some health conditions benefit more from specific nutraceuticals. 

There are many susbstances that can be added as nutraceuticals such as zeera (cumin), dar cheeni (cinnamon), limu (lemon), sonf (fennel seeds), ajwain (thymol seeds), and kalonji (black seeds). 

Zeera and dar cheeni specifically prove beneficial to almost everyone alike. But before you commit to one, you should check in with your doctor to see if your medical history allows for the use of such substances.

2. Do not skip Breakfast

I am sure you’re tired of hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I’m afraid I must stress on it once again.

If you don’t feed yourself in the morning, your body will go into survival mode so that once it does get fed, later in the day, it will choose to store the food rather than process it, thinking it might not get more for a while. 

To use medical terms, skipping a meal increases the insulin resistance which, in turn, increases your weight. Additionally, a healthy breakfast helps kick start your metabolism for the later meals of the day.

So, never miss your breakfast, and try making the meal healthy. Take care, a healthy meal does not necessarily have to be a big meal.

To make a breakfast healthy you need merely eat a couple of slices of brown bread with eggs or perhaps a paratha with eggs. 

Other healthy breakfast foods could be fruit, yoghurt, milk, boiled eggs, almonds and even peanut butter with brown bread if you’re looking for protein. 

A typical predicament I have noticed in my clients is that they seem to fall into this pit of self-pity and end up thinking they can’t treat themselves without cheating on the diet. 

This is not true in the slightest, no one likes eating the same tasteless breakfasts every day, and you don’t have to either.

Feel free to mix it up with things like mushroom-spinach omelets or maybe a cheese omelet or perhaps French toast

3. Eat Fruit as a snack 

Moving on, three to four hours after your breakfast you may eat a single fruit. This can any fruit along the lines of apples, mangoes, bananas, peaches and grapes. 

Mind you, eat only a limited amount of it, don’t forget you had breakfast not that long ago. Take care this fruit is not too big in size, try to go for a normal to smaller size. And as for grapes, 17 to 18 grapes should suffice. 

best weight loss tips

4. Manage your intake at Lunch 

A further three hours later it is time for lunch, most people skip their lunch because they are at work and well, why not?

Not eating will help with the weight loss, right? No, dieting does not mean starving, it is about pacing yourself, not stopping completely. 

Manage your intake, eat chana chaats or lobia chaats. If those are not available, maybe a sandwich. The sandwich must be brown bread with a variety of different possible contents namely, cheese, lettuce, jalapenos, mushrooms, olives, onions, tomatoes or a piece of grilled chicken.

If you spend this time at an office taking your lunch along is a much better option than to eat whatever is available at the office because it helps you control the amount you eat as well as the ingredients used to make your lunch.

5. Be consistent with meal times

Once you come back home from the office you have gone another two to three hours without eating and naturally, you’re quite hungry when you return from the office.

Again, I urge you to manage your hunger, the emphasis is on managing. That is what dieting is all about. 

Weight gained over 15 to 20 years is not going to vanish in a matter of days, be patient, and hang in there.

To get rid of the hunger you may drink milk with ispaghol or another lobia chaat, maybe some fruit again. 

If you want to eat something different you could try a homemade smoothie or maybe a homemade kebab.

6. Include carbs in your Dinner 

Finally, dinner. Even though cutting off carbohydrates greatly accelerates weight loss, it is of great importance that you keep rice and roti in your daily routine.

This is so that your weight doesn’t bounce back once you are done with your diet. 

If you stop eating carbohydrates during the diet your body will learn to get by without them, but then once your diet ends and you eventually start craving them, you will end up eating them again. 

This will be extra food your body won’t need so it will start storing them, and you will start gaining weight again. Therefore, keep the carbohydrates as part of one of your meals, be it lunch or dinner. 

If you are an office-going person you can eat a lighter lunch in the office and go for rice or roti at night.

Whereas, if you stay at home you have a choice whether you want to eat your carbohydrates for lunch or for dinner. 

10-12 tablespoon rice is enough for one sitting, and the roti must not be bigger than 7 inches in diameter.

For the saalan, vegetable or chicken can be used, preferably not daal since you have already eaten daal for lunch in the form of chana chaat or lobia chaat. 

Bhindi, baingan and karalay are perfect whereas peas, carrots, potatoes and arvi are best left alone when looking for vegetables to use for the saalan.

You can also have some detox water in the morning before breakfat as it can fasten your metabolism improving digestion.

7. Have a nourishing drink before bed

Before bed, add a spoon of haldi in a glass of warm milk and drink up. This relaxes the mind and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

Alongside all this, drinking water is, obviously, a constant. 7-8 glasses of water are a must if you aim to follow a healthy lifestyle.


8. Combine physical exercise 

Weight loss is not just the dieting. Physical exercise is an essential part of weight loss and hence, it is important that you establish a regular pattern of exercise. This doesn’t have to be hardcore exercise, some normal, fast-paced, walking would do. 

Jumping jacks are a great way to elevate your heart rate and exercise for weight loss. Though these exercises are usually quite friendly, people with knee problems might struggle with such high intensity exercises.  

This applies specially to heart patients or people with disabilities. Therefore consult your doctor before starting any diet or any exercise.


Lastly, be mentally smart. Weight loss is possible, it won’t happen overnight but it will happen. Be patient and don’t give up and get rid of any kind of painful treatments.

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