Assalamoalaikum, I am Ayesha Nasir and today we have with us Mubeen, who is a client of mine and has successfully lost 30 kg weight within 2 months. Yes, you heard right… 30 kg! Want to know how?

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During my recent follow-up, Mubeen told me that when he showed his friends his before and after pictures, they asked him where the other half of him went. That is the same reaction I had when I first saw him after two months, he was almost unrecognizable.

Mubeen’s Experience

In Mubeen’s words, he feels very light now that he has lost all those pounds that he was tired of carrying. He also expressed that his motivation and willpower had a huge role to play in his transformation, saying that he was determined to achieve his goal.

At the start of the 2 months, Mubeen weighed almost 112 kg. He explained that he had always been plus-sized, even as a baby when he was born with a 5 kg weight. His weight did decrease by a large amount once before in his life because his physical activity had increased, but then it bounced back.

After this, he realized that physical activity alone was not enough to reduce weight and maintain it later. After this revelation, he watched my YouTube videos and approached me for a proper nutritional plan that could supplement his physical routine.

His current physical routine

Since Mubeen approached me around the time of Ramazan, his routine in that month was a little different. He used to run 5 km before sehri and 5 km after aftari.

These days, he only goes for a run after maghrib and covers a minimum of 3 km and a maximum of 5.5 km. He also makes sure to run on an empty stomach and has a glass of water an hour before his run for optimum results.

Many of my clients say that losing weight during Ramazan is impossible because so many food items are available every evening, that most people find very hard to resist. But Mubeen is an exception, who weighed 95 kg at the start of Ramazan, but on eid, he weighed 87 kg.

He did not cheat on his diet plan during Ramazan and kept engaging in his physical activity with great determination, which is why he was able to achieve what most people cannot.

His Diet Plans

In Ramazan, he used to eat homemade food. In aftari, he would have either channa chaat or fruit chaat, as for sehri, he would eat watermelon when he was not hungry, and a 7-inch roti with one cup of any home-cooked salan when he felt that he was hungry. Other than that, he avoided alu and fizzy drinks of any kind.

He also made sure to include milk and yogurt as part of his diet. And after Ramazan, he would often have milk with almonds and walnuts, or alternately have yogurt. For his mid-morning snack, he would have green tea and fruit. Sometimes, he would have eggs in breakfast which would satiate him through lunch as well.

Overall, Mubeen tried to balance his calories by not strictly adhering to one plan but playing mix and match. When he would have palao for lunch, he would have 30 teaspoons every time. As for dinner, he would have grilled bar-b-q chicken with salad.

Concluding Remarks

After having lost all that weight, Mubeen said that he felt light and more energetic, and has maneuvered a routine that is sustainable in the long run. He plans to eat healthy for the remainder of his life and be physically fit so that he can enjoy life to the fullest.

Other habits that have helped him stay healthy and fit are eating 3 hours before going to sleep and taking a walk every night. He has also been able to help others around him that have wanted to lose weight but for some reason could not.

Because he has learned how his body works, he will never need help in gaining or losing weight again. He also joked that none of his clothes fit him anymore and will continue to get looser because he is still working towards his 78 kg target.

In his words, all it takes is a routine. After 2-3 weeks of following a diet plan, it automatically becomes easier to fall into a habit. The initial 2-week determination is all you need. I am very proud of Mubeen and his determination.

There are very few clients who get to learn how to navigate their own lives and routines when it comes to weight. Most people can only follow a plan strictly, but Mubeen has more command over his mind and body and can come up with healthy diet and exercise combinations himself.