Is Detox Water Good For Weight Loss?

Ready to bust some detox water myths? Detox water is known for its many health benefits! This guide will offer you a complete breakdown of; Is Detox Water Good For Weight Loss and its many benefits for health.

There is always hype surrounding this particular drink. Many believe that it truly produces weight loss benefits as well! Hint: it’s both true and false!

Get ready to tell apart the truths and the lies of whether or not detox water is good for weight.

What Is Detox Water?

Detox water is made by adding various fruits, vegetables, or herbs to your regular, plain water. The idea is that the health properties of the soaked ingredients infuse into the water making it healthier for consumption. This is also why detox water is often known as fruit-infused or fruit-flavored water.

Detox water is many people’s favorite morning or gym drink. Many weight loss regimes and diet plans recommend detox water for weight loss. So, does it really help in shedding the extra pounds?

Is Detox Water Good For Weight Loss

Detox Water For Weight Loss

Detox water itself does not contain any properties or ingredients to cause weight loss. However, this refreshing drink can assist you in losing weight because of other reasons!

Detox water… which is good for weight loss anyway!

To be clear, while detox water has no special impact on the body to make it shed the extra pounds, it is water at the end of the day. And water is significantly linked to weight loss.

Water is known to temporarily raise the metabolic rate and make you feel full and satiated (detox water definitely makes you feel full!) to prevent hunger pangs. This reduces the craving for high-calorie snacks, thereby causing weight loss. Several scientific studies have also linked drinking half a liter of water before a meal to a higher metabolic rate and more burnt calories.

Detox water, like regular water, does not contain calories!

Similarly, detox water, like regular water, barely contains any calories. Hence, many diet plans recommend switching high-calorie sodas and soft drinks with detox water. His substitution of beverages is great option for weight loss since it reduces the overall calorie intake!

So, while detox water on its own does not do anything to cause weight loss, it can still promote it if you manage your overall diet accordingly. Plus, it tastes good too!

Other Benefits Of Detox Water

Detox water is known for its ample benefits for the human body. Here are some great health benefits of detox water you can enjoy by introducing it into your regular diet:

  • Improves the body’s digestion
  • Improves and elevates the mood
  • Increases the body’s overall energy levels
  • Boosts immune functions of the body

What Detox Water Does NOT Do?

Just like detox water does not directly cause weight loss, there are other myths associated with it too. Detox water will offer all those benefits that regular water is known for. However, it will not have any additional impact in the following areas:

  • Detox water does not detoxify your body
  • It does not affect the complexion
  • It does not balance the body’s pH

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