Aasalamoalaikum, I am clinical Dietitian Ayesha Nasir, certified in providing health care plans and nutritional diet plans to clients all over Pakistan. In this article, we will be discussing the weight loss transformation of my client Mr. Saud. He started with 110 kg weight, and within two months, he had brought it down to 75 kg. 

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So first off, let’s discuss the reason behind Mr. Saud’s decision to lose weight. In his words, what motivated Mr. Saud to lose weight was that he had to give a physical test for the forces. For that purpose, he had to get in shape fast. A deadline eventually motivated me to seek out an experienced dietitian, which is why he came to me. 

First Diet Plan 

Mr. Saud first found out about my services through youtube videos. After I gave Saud my first diet plan, his body’s response was great. But the second diet plan did not suit his body. The first diet plan included cinnamon water as a pre-breakfast drink. 

Breakfast included one apple, one boiled egg, and a cup of low-fat milk. Around 11-12 pm, he had to eat fruit, usually an apple. For lunch, I suggested that he eat 200 grams of grilled chicken or kabab with a bowl of salad. 

As for his late evening snack, he had to eat any fruit of his choice other than banana, grapes, and mango. For dinner, he was to eat channa chaat or a 7-inch roti with any homemade salan and a cup of salad. He could also eat 12 tablespoons of rice instead of roti with a half plate of salad and 2-3 pieces of lean chicken. 

In his first month, Saud lost the most amount of weight, almost 15 kg. In the first 5 days, he even claimed to have lost 8 kg weight. Saud only cheats on his plan occasionally and has strictly adhered to his plan all along, which is the secret to his extraordinary success. 

The second Diet Plan 

This second diet plan did not suit him because one drink contained ispaghol which led to constipation problems for him. Other clients have also complained about ispaghol leading to constipation. The issue should not have surfaced because the way he was taking it was completely right. 

Ispaghol is usually recommended because it contains a lot of dietary fiber in it. This keeps your digestive system strong and fast as your metabolism adapts to the changes in your eating habits when following a new diet plan. But too much fiber can result in constipation for some people. 

My client also claimed to be stuck at his current weight of 85 kg for more than two weeks now which is why he had come for a new consultation. Since the second plan did not work out for him, I assigned him a third weight loss plan. His goal was to further reduce 7-8 kg of weight before his deadline. 

Physical Activity 

For physical activity, he regularly goes to the gym every day for weight training sessions and takes an 8-9km run every morning. I guessed that weight training might have been causing his weight to be stuck. This is because weight training leads to increasing amounts of muscle in the body. 

One gram of muscle weighs more than one gram of fat. Since his body is gaining muscle, his weight is going up. I suggested that if Saud is focused on the number on the weight scale, he should limit his weight training and focus on doing cardio which burns fat, instead of building muscle. 

As for water intake, he consumes around 3 liters of water every day, which is the perfect amount. His energy levels were also superb in his own words. 

Since ispaghol was not suiting the client, I advised him to leave it and keep following the diet plan as before. To lose further weight, he would only need to be motivated and shift from weight training to cardio exercises. 

For this, he would have to do exercises that would focus on increasing his heartbeat rate, rather than require putting in more strength. Cardio burns stored fat faster as compared to weight training and were thus, more lucrative for the client. 

My opinion on Online Diet Plans 

Judging from his motivation levels, I wondered why he did not just follow a diet plan on the internet, and instead approached me. Many people lose weight easily following personalized diet plans, but many cannot adhere to online plans because they have not invested in them. When you buy a plan, you are more motivated to get results from a consultation.

Saud tried to get a diet plan from the internet, but he could not understand it, and even if he did, there was no feedback. He needed a custom diet plan and, therefore, reached out to me about a proper customized nutritional plan. 

My diet plans on youtube are one hundred percent authentic and tested leading up to results. I urge my followers who cannot get a consultation due to any reason to follow the plans I talk about in my youtube videos. Of course, it will vary according to your age, gender, and weight. 

Try to match your body type to the client and if you have similar body types, feel free to draw inspiration from their plan. For any further details and customized plans, contact us here.