Assalamualaikum everyone. Today we will be discussing the testimonial of Miral, a recent client of mine who reduced 6 kg of weight in one week.

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She followed a diet plan that I had outlined in one of my YouTube videos and when I saw her transformation I was beyond surprised. If you would like to know what plan she followed, and her entire routine, keep reading to find out!

Her story

The following is what Miral had to say about her transformation.

Assalamualaikum, I had been following your channel for quite some time and one day got a recommendation for one of your YouTube videos. I always found it hard to stick to a diet plan that spanned months.

So, when I saw a video about a diet plan of only a week, I thought why not give it a try, because it was not too many days. That was when I started following the plan one day at a time.

The diet plan

First, in the video, you recommended a pre-breakfast drink consisting of a glass of water infused with a teaspoon of zeera, after soaking it overnight. For breakfast, I had 2 eggs with either green tea or black coffee.

Around 11 am, the video recommended drinking a glass of water with chia seeds, followed by pure water afterward. After about 2-3 hours, I would eat my lunch. In the video, you recommended chicken, shammi kab, or fish, around the size of my palm.

From there, I chose to eat 2 Shami kababs. In the evening, around 5-6, I would again have green tea or lemon water without sugar. For dinner, approximately two hours later, I had simple yakhni made from chicken without any added sauce or seasoning like cornflour.

I followed this diet plan without cheating and stayed consistent for 7 days, and successfully lost 6 kg of weight. Initially, I weighed 78 kg and by the end of the week, I was at 72 kg. Seeing these results was motivating to me.

The feedback that I got from other people was also very overwhelming. Everyone was amazed at my transformation, even the clothes I wore started becoming loose on me. Everywhere I went people paid me compliments.

When I was on the diet, my husband had to go to another city for work, so I joined him too. While packing, I packed a separate bag for the items included in my diet because I did not want to eat outdoor food. I committed to the plan even while traveling.

Her before and after lifestyle

When I was unmarried, I was underweight. After my first pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight, and after my second pregnancy, I gained even more weight. My body completely changed, and I was really unhappy.

One month before today, I would usually wake up around 10-11 am and eat an egg with a slice of bread. I was never a fan of green tea or coffee and always preferred fizzy drinks. I was never a fan of desserts either. So this plan was a little difficult to follow because I had to stop myself from eating a lot of things that I enjoy.

My feedback on a crash diet

At the very start of the YouTube video that Miral followed, I declared that the diet was unhealthy. In the diet world, we call a diet of this nature a ‘crash diet’. It gets you results quickly because it is very restrictive. But in the long run, eating such less amount of food can be extremely unhealthy.

Usually, such diets are only followed by people who have a deadline coming up and need to lose weight fast. For the long term, I prefer that my clients follow a healthier diet that helps them lose weight the right way so that the kilos that they lose stay off.

Miral chose to follow this plan because she was looking for a shortcut. But I always advise my clients to follow a diet that is longer and allows them to eat as much food as possible so that their metabolism stays at a good rate.

Usually, with crash diets, clients are advised to follow it for a week and then gradually start exercising and eating more to be fit in mind and body. The initial abrupt weight loss helps clients gather motivation to commit to a longer plan in the future because nothing motivates more than seeing actual results.

Maintenance when it comes to weight loss is important. Because Miral is a mother of two and has to look after her household duties, she does not get ample time to commit to working out or exercising. Exercise is something I have always promoted, and ideally, Miral should strive for a healthier diet that is supplemented with exercise.

But a healthy lifestyle modification is long-term. For this, she must change the habits that make her unhealthy and adopt habits that help her take care of herself. Nothing is difficult if she can set her mind to it.

Miral’s message to the audience

I would advise people to love themselves first. If you love yourself, you will be motivated to change yourself to be a better version of yourself. Many mothers like myself stop looking after themselves because once you have children, you do not have time to yourself.

But when you reach a point where you do not like looking at yourself and practice no self-care, please try to seek help, whether the help of a dietitian or YouTube. I am more motivated now than ever to change myself, so I can appreciate how I look and be a happier person.