How To Lose 6 Kg Weight At Home?

Did you know that you can lose 5 to 6 kg weight at home in a month without any fancy weight loss products or equipment? It’s true!

We’re about to share an extremely convenient and easy-to-follow weight loss plan on How To Lose 6 Kg Weight At Home? that can hasten your weight loss journey. You can immediately adopt this diet plan because it involves meals and ingredients that are readily available at home!

So, if you are willing to make a commitment to your body and adhere to the diet plan with determination, your weight loss journey begins now!

Expert Advice
It is highly recommended that individuals with diabetes, hypertension, ongoing medications, or any other medical history do not observe this diet plan. Generalized diet plans are never a suitable option for people with a medical history. Such dietary regimes can always contain items that may conflict with one’s medical condition and create severe health problems such as low sugar, fluctuating blood pressure, etc.

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Diet Plan on How To Lose 6 Kg Weight At Home?

This diet plan focuses on controlling the calorie intake. Specifically, it is designed to limit the calorie intake of individuals to 1200 calories a day. Therefore, the plan does not contain a pre-breakfast meal requirement.

Meal 01: Breakfast

For the first meal of the day, there are three different options you can choose from and switch between. It should be noted that your choice of food for breakfast can influence the meals you consume throughout the rest of the day.

●     Option 1:

You can eat a 7-inch homemade bread (roti) with 1 egg. The roti should be made either from wheat or multigrain. You may cook the egg as you like, for example, omelet, fry-egg, etc. However, make sure you do not use more than a teaspoon of oil to cook it.

●     Option 2:

A different breakfast option is porridge. Cook the quantity of porridge (daliya) that you get in a measuring cup or a 250 ml glass. Once the porridge is ready, add 250 grams (ek pao) of low-fat or skimmed milk. Make sure to not use any sugar or honey with this meal.

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●     Option 3:

Another option is to have half a homemade dry roti (without frying it in oil, ghee, or anything else) and eat it with one vegetable-loaded egg. You can prepare the egg with as many vegetables as you like, onions, tomatoes, coriander, capsicum, etc. Finish off the breakfast with half a cup of low-fat yogurt (dahi).

After finishing the breakfast, brew yourself a cup of green tea. In case you’re not too fond of it, you can have your regular tea although with a very limited amount of milk! Make sure you do not exceed the ¼ cup milk amount even by a tiny fraction.

Meal 02: Snack

Your next meal in the diet plan will be at 11:00 AM or 12:00 PM, as per your feasibility. Make sure to choose a snack window and stick to it throughout the month. At this time, you can have any medium-sized fruit as a snack. Some options you may want to consider include:

  • A medium-sized banana
  • If you’re having grapes, you can consume 12 to 17 grapes.
  • In the case of mango, choose one that fits the size of your palm and no bigger.
  • For bigger fruits such as melon, watermelon, papaya, or smaller fruits such as berries, eat as many as can fit in a 250 ml measuring cup (without forcing them). If you don’t have a measuring cup, use the glass in which you typically serve guests cold beverages.
  • If you’re not ecstatic about eating a fruit, you can have a handful of mixed nuts.
  • Depending on your breakfast choice of the day, if you haven’t had any eggs in the morning, you can have 1 boiled egg as your snack.

Meal 03: Lunch

For lunch, you may choose from among a few options. However, regardless of your meal choice, one thing that remains consistent is a salad with plenty of raw vegetables which should accompany any option that you choose. You can tweak the salad with some pepper and lemon juice.

●     Option 1:

Having a 7-inch homemade roti with any stew (saalan) is one meal option for lunch. You can have one ounce of meat with it (preferably chicken or fish, but occasionally you can have red meat). In case you’re eating cooked vegetables for lunch, avoid potatoes, peas, carrots, taro, and turnips. Other than these, you may have any vegetable such as bitter gourd (karela) with stew.

●     Option 2:

If you don’t feel like having roti you can switch it with ⅓ cup of boiled rice and pair it with the same ratio of meat, cooked vegetables, and stew. In the case of rice dishes such as Biryani and Pulao, you can have half a cup of rice with 1 ounce of chicken and, of course, the raw vegetable salad.

●     Option 3:

For a lighter option, you can eat legumes (daal) with a spoon. The quantity of the legumes should be that of a measuring cup, i.e., 250 ml. You can even eat it with a 7-inch roti.

If you haven’t had any tea up till now, you can include low-fat yogurt as part of your lunch in any option that you choose.

Meal 04: Snack

Around 4 to 5 PM, you should have another fruit as a snack. Make sure it is medium-sized or as per the quantities mentioned above.

After the second snack of the day, at around 6:30 PM, you need to take 2 tablespoons of Ispaghol with 2 glasses of lukewarm water. Add the 2 tablespoons of Ispaghol to the first glass of water, mix it well, and drink it. Then drink another glass of lukewarm water over it.

Meal 05: Dinner

For dinner, you have the same meal options as those for lunch. You can choose any one of those in the same quantity as mentioned above.

However, it is recommended to try to avoid rice at dinner (and if possible roti as well). It is best to consume half a cup of legumes with a spoon with half a cup of yogurt.

How To Lose 6 Kg Weight At Home?

Sweet Cravings

Our sweet cravings can randomly creep up on us at any time. So, if your sweet cravings come up, you can satisfy them with 1 or 2 dates during the day. Or, you can substitute your evening snack of fruit with 3 to 4 dates. Another option is to consume ¼ cup of dry fruits. These food options serve a dual purpose of pacifying your sweet tooth as well as providing a nutritional snack. the above mentioned food options are the answers to How To Lose 6 Kg Weight At Home?

However, you must be wondering that at times when you desire something sweet, the substitutes will not work. In such times, you can have 2 tablespoons of your choice of sweet during the second snack window. Make sure to drink a cup of green tea afterward, after a little break.

Diet Alone will not Cut it

In order to lose those 5 to 6 kgs, you need to religiously stick to this diet routine. However, that alone will not provide complete results. While you will notice a weight reduction, it is important to understand that 30% of your weight loss success also depends on exercise.

Hence, as you take up this diet, incorporate a 30-minute brisk walk into your daily routine. This means your heartbeat should pick up during the walk. Additionally, keep yourself hydrated and drink as much green tea as you like (since it has no calories) just not directly after a meal.

Keep this up for a month and you will witness the results you were striving for!

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