Extreme Weight Loss Methods And There Harmful Side Effects

Weight loss is a popular goal in the United States. 50-80% of adults are trying to lose weight at any given time, but 90-95% of those individuals will regain all weight loss within one year.

 Although it may be frustrating, weight loss methods usually consider small changes over time to be the most effective way of achieving long term success.

When people follow these plans they can expect a weekly weight loss of 1/2 to 2 pounds on average with smaller losses for the first few weeks and then gradual increases as more progress is made. 

Unfortunately, some people resort to extreme methods in hopes of more immediate results, putting their health at risk along with their chances for long term success.

In this article you will find extreme weight loss methods that don’t work over the long term and are not safe.

extreme weight loss methods

1. The baby food diet

The first example is ” The baby food diet” . This is where an individual eats mainly baby food for an extended period of time, sometimes replacing all meals with it. 

This plan can be used for rapid weight loss because all you need to do is open a jar, but this method will not help you maintain your weight once you go back to eating regular foods. Your body needs protein, fat and carbohydrates in specific quantities so without them your health will decline.

Side Effects 

Some side effects of baby food diets include: decreased muscle mass and increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

2. Liquid Diet

Dehydration is another problem that occurs when some people lose water instead of fat. People who only drink diet beverages are at risk for this. 

The problem is that most of these drinks contain no calories so people will not feel full even though they have consumed a lot of liquid.

The idea of a liquid diet, which contains no solid food and only takes in liquids from natural sources or from supplements, is that it allows the body to rid itself of excess water that’s been retained because of high sodium intake. 

Unfortunately, most people fail to maintain this type of diet for long periods due to low energy levels and cravings for more substantial food.When someone does not eat food for many days their body needs to use fat stores to get the nutrients it needs. 

Side Effects

If there are not enough fat stores available, your body may break down muscle instead which can put you at higher risk for osteoporosis.

You can lose 10 pounds in two weeks following a liquid diet but there are risks involved such as malnutrition and dramatically slowed metabolism .

3. Diet pills

The second example of an extreme weight loss method is diet pills for rapid weight loss. Diet pills are designed to suppress hunger or increase the amount of calories burned by the body during normal daily activities. 

While they may seem like an effective way to lose weight, they have dangerous side effects on your heart and nervous system. There are over 10 million people taking diet pills in the United States alone, but many others turn to natural alternatives because of potentially harmful effects. 

Diet pills could contain dangerous ingredients such as arsenic, a chemical element which is poisonous to humans and has been promoted in the same way that amphetamines are used.

A popular weight loss drug known for speeding up metabolism rates was once prescribed with caution because of its harmful effects but due recent advancements we may soon see more dieters experiencing negative outcomes from taking these substances than ever before.

Side Effects

It’s estimated that 30-45% of weight loss through dieting can be due to muscle mass instead of fat which indicates a lack of healthy muscle growth and development and puts you at risk for developing osteoporosis when you’re older among other possible dangers such as malnutrition and even death. 

It’s not just your skin that can get worse when you consume this slug-like creature, [Arsenic] it also causes health problems such as cancer.

The World Health Organization claims consuming them through food or drinking water will cause an array of other serious diseases including skin lesions and more!

3. Cotton Ball Diet

This diet fad involved dipping cotton balls into liquid such as smoothies or juice and swallowing them. 

The cotton is meant to fill you up, but it doesn’t have the right amount of calories for weight gain because eating these would be like drinking an empty container which has no nutritional value at all!Eating cotton balls may sound unappetizing, but it actually leads to a whole host of health problems.

Side Effects

 Eating this food can cause abdominal pain and bloating as well as an absence in menstruation or malnutrition if done regularly over long periods of time such as for months at one time!

4. Grapefruit diet

The grapefruit diet is a fad diet that became popular in the late 20th century. It is claimed that by eating half of a grapefruit with each meal, it is possible to lose up to ten pounds (4.5 kg) in two weeks. 

In the 1930s, a fad diet called grapefruit diet was very popular among celebrities. The goal of this extreme plan is to severely restrict your food intake so you can have 1 000 calories per day and drink either half-a-grapefruit or 230ml freshly squeezed juice with every meal!

Grapefruit contains no special enzymes that dissolve fat nor has it been shown to interfere with the body’s metabolism. 

Grapefruit diet

Side Effects

Grapefruit is said to be good for the body, but there are some downsides. For starters it can cause stomach upset when taken with certain medications because of its intense reduction in kilojoules which makes this diet more like a fad than anything else and people tend not drink grapefruit juice if they have an unhealthy appetite or simply don’t care about losing weight.

5. Lemonade Diet or Maple syrup diet – Master cleanse diet

The 10-day lemonade diet is a popular detox program that involves only consuming fluids. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re willing to try it then go ahead! 

Just make sure to talk with your top nutritionist before beginning this strict regimen.

Side Effects

A detox diet can be beneficial if it’s done correctly and for the right reasons. A low-calorie, energy deficient state could result from this type of eating plan but there are other ways you should know about before setting your mind on one particular way to lose weight quickly without major side effects like fatigue or hunger pangs in inconvenient places all over again!

The Master Cleanse, or very low-calorie diet can cause side effects in some people. The most common complaints are bad breath, headaches, dizziness fatigue irritability muscle weakness and cramps hair loss poor cold tolerance nausea gallstones 

Gallstones occur more often if you lose weight rapidly because then there is an increased risk for developing them

6. The cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet is a weight loss diet that was developed by The Beach Diet Company in 1999. 

It claims to help people lose 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) in 7 days, which is often used for rapid results before holidays and special occasions such as weddings and graduations.

Side Effects

The main drawback is that people following this program will probably gain all of their weight back once they end the regimen. The cabbage soup diet is an extreme low-calorie and low-fat plan that lasts for about a week.

7. Fasting For Long Periods Of Time – Intermittent fasting

 People who fast for a week will lose a lot of weight in the first days and if they continue with fasting after that, their body starts to eat muscles and internal organs. People sometimes use tablets to suppress appetite when they try fasting for several days in a row or just switch from a normal diet to an extreme diet where they eat nothing at all. 

In most cases people will regain all weight back after they resume eating regular meals again, since your body needs energy to sustain life functions and without any food intake it will use muscles and other tissues.

Side Effects

There are no known negative side effects from fasting for long periods of time, but the idea of doing this is scary because it can lead to serious health problems.

8. Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is a type of high-fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate diet. It is a diet similar to the Atkins and low-carb diets.

A ketogenic diet is not only beneficial in assisting with fat burning, but it can also help you stay on track by reducing calorie intake while increasing feelings of fullness among other things compared to more traditional diets such as Atkins or South Beach protocols

For example, in adults, adding carbohydrate back into the diet after initial success on a ketogenic diet stops any further beneficial effects from being seen in controlling seizures.

Side Effects

Long term usage of ketogenic diet may cause kidney stones in children whereas in some patients it may cause bone fractures.

In adults it may lead to constipation and increased levels of cholesterol and triglycerides along with that women may also experience amenorrhea and disturbance in the menstrual cycle.

ketogenic diet

9. Use of Laxatives 

Laxatives are another example of an extreme weight loss method. Laxatives work by dehydrating your body so that the stool is softer and easier to pass through the intestines which will result in weight loss. 

Side Effects

The problem with laxatives is that they can cause damage to the muscles, tissues, and organ linings of the intestines which could lead to chronic diarrhea or constipation as well as dehydration from excessive bowel movements.

10. Crash diets

Another example of an extreme weight loss method is crash diets such as those involving hundreds of different types of food combinations.

A crash diet is any extremely restrictive diet that claims to cause weight loss at a very fast pace. Many people believe that crash diets are an effective way to lose weight fast—however, these types of extreme fad diets do not work in the long-term.

There are many different kind of crash diets, including low carbohydrate diets, low calorie diets, low fat diets and others.

Side Effects

These types of crash diets are specifically dangerous for people who have diabetes because it drastically changes their insulin levels which leads to a large amount of stress on the liver and kidneys as well as malnutrition due to not being able to digest certain foods properly if at all. 

Crash diets have been said to be dangerous because they can lead to malnutrition and muscle loss. 


The most important thing for people to keep in mind is that, if they are looking to lose weight, they need to find a method of life change that is sustainable.

 As seen above, the quick-weight loss methods – diets and fad foods – will likely lead to rebound once the dieter returns to their normal activities, often with extra pounds added on due to the body’s adaptive nature. 

The safest way for someone who wants to lose weight is simply making slow lifestyle changes over months or years. 

This will both help them shed pounds as well as improve their overall health without putting too much strain on their bodies.

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