Does Perfectil Platinum Cause Weight Gain?

Perfectil tablets have been gaining a lot of attention recently for being the new solution to all your hair and nail problems. The drug has received some glowing reviews from satisfied customers who’ve made the product a part of their daily routine.

However, the reviews aren’t all good as some individuals have questioned Perfectil’s effectiveness while also claiming that it causes weight gain.

Does Perfectil Platinum Cause Weight Gain?

The answer is NO.

As a direct result of this claim, we decided to take a look at Perfectil’s ingredient list to figure out if it indeed does cause weight gain.

And we can tell you with complete confidence that it doesn’t and we’re going to be using the rest of this article to debunk that theory by presenting some of its benefits.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Can Perfectil Platinum Cause Your Weight to Rise?

Our definitive verdict on if Perfectil Platinum can cause weight gain is that it can’t, provided you keep on using it long term.

That’s because Perfectil Platinum is essentially a glorified multivitamin supplement that’s specifically designed to improve your skin and nail health.

Now, most healthy individuals aren’t vitamin deficient, but still believe in taking these supplements to firstly top up their daily vitamin mineral intake and to increase the nutritional support for their skin.

Thus, when you start taking the supplement you will initially feel a little bloated due to a sudden influx of calories and vitamins that your body does not expect.

However, if you’re a healthy individual who takes a steady, balanced diet then over time this effect will subside and it won’t increase nor decrease your overall weight.

Its formula also does not contain any nutrients or vitamins that might have been linked with weight gain in the past. So for the most part, we’d say you’re safe.

Does Perfectil Platinum Cause Weight Gain?

Benefits of Perfectil Platinum

Sticking true to the promises we made in the intro, here’s some of the most important benefits of including Perfectil Platinum in your daily or weekly routine.

Keep in mind that all of these benefits will be linked in one way or another to improving your overall skin health as Perfectil Platinum is primarily a skin care supplement.

1.   Skin Function and Collagen Formation

Despite the supplement affecting your nails, hair and skin, most individuals who use the supplement will agree that it’s made primarily for servicing your skin. As such, the supplement contains some key vitamins that contribute to preserving your skin health.

One of these is Vitamin C which directly supports the increased production of collagen. Now, collagen itself has been highly acclaimed by several scientific studies to improve skin hydration and elasticity, especially for people who are over 30 years old. It’s also responsible for the normal functioning of your skin.

Perfectil also contains Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Biotin which all act as maintainers of your skin health.

2.   Protecting the Skin from Environmental Damage

When it comes to skin problems, skin aging is somewhere near the top of the list. It is by far the most complained about skin problem among normal, healthy individuals who are aging.

Perfectil Platinum does a great deal to combat the problem through its all natural ingredients that fight against the environmental damage that causes skin aging.

To be more specific, it fights against the number one environmental factor that causes skin deterioration: The generation of free radicals caused by the UV rays of the sunlight hitting your skin.

Vitamins E, C and riboflavin which are part of the supplements formula step up and contribute to the protection of skin cells from oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Vitamins D, B12 and folic acid combined with Iron, Magnesium and Zinc on the other hand do their part in maintaining normal cell division and thereby reducing the chances of skin cancer.

3.   Nail and Hair Support

Last but not least, Perfectil Platinum as a side benefit also improves the health of your nails and hair.

For this the supplement again utilizes biotin which has been proven to have an impact in improving and maintaining hair health. The existence of copper in its formula is also important as it maintain’s hair pigmentation thereby saving your hair from turning gray for as long as possible.

Its formula also includes selenium and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal nails.

Perfectil Platinum Side Effects

Before you jump on the bandwagon and start buying up Perfectil supplements for use, you should know that some individuals have reported experiencing some side effects after using the skin care drug. Some of the reported side effects include:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset Stomach
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Dizziness
  • Swelling
  • Breathing troubles

As you can see most of Perfectil’s side effects are quite minor and subside pretty quickly once you start taking the supplement regularly. Also, it’s not mandatory that you’ll experience these side effects as every human’s makeup is different.

Final Thoughts

And that folks was all we had in terms of our answer for the question: Does Perfectil Platinum Cause Weight Gain.

We hope the information in the article was easy enough to understand and that you’re walking away from it with more knowledge than you had when you started reading it.

Still, if you have any more questions on how Perfectil Platinum works or if you’re going to experience any side effects if you take it, we’d recommend getting in touch with Ayesha Nasir, one of the leading dieticians and skin care experts in Pakistan.

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