Are Baked Samosas Healthy? (Air Fried Samosa Calories)

Baked samosas are considered a healthier alternative compared to the traditional deep-fried version. These savory snacks are loved for their crispy pastry shells and flavorful fillings, but many people wonder if they can truly be considered healthy. In this article, we will explore the question: Are baked samosas healthy?

The answer to this question is entirely subjective depending upon the filling ingredients and the size of it you are consuming.

In this article, we’ll consider all potential health benefits for all of our health-conscious readers as we aim to provide you with detailed yet precise information that could lead you to maintain a healthier diet plus lifestyle. So, let us dig more into it!

Are Baked Samosas Healthy?

Baked Samosas are a healthy alternative to deep-fried traditional samosas where you cut off a lot of unhealthy calories by baking them. Fried samosa calories can range from approximately 150 to 300, depending on factors such as size and filling. Whereas, a baked samosa can hold up from 30-70 calories if you do not excessively fill it up with carbohydrates.

Ingredients of a Baked Samosa

ingredients in samosa

For those who crave samosas but avoid them due to excessive fats and carbohydrates, a baked samosa once in a while can never go wrong because baking significantly reduces the amount of fat in the samosas.

When we refer to samosas, the first thing that comes to our mind is their potatoes and veggie fillings. If you are a fitness freak then aloo samosas calories might be too much for your health. Considering this, if they don’t pique your interest, or if you think that they might mess up your fitness journey then there are always alternative options to explore.

You can always opt for Chicken and Beef samosas. They are rich in protein which balances your diet and especially if you are a meat lover then don’t look any further. Let’s break some recipes into simple steps below.

  • Get your Samosas dough ready with flour, water, and ghee if you require it.
  • Steam your meat and crush it with a fork once it is fully tender.
  • Add up your favorite spices to it.
  • You can also slice up your favorite veggies and add them to the meat as well.
  • Bake them and they are to be served.

In comparison to deep-fried samosas which absorb more oil during cooking, baked samosas provide a lighter texture while still delivering satisfying flavors. Now that we understand what goes into making baked samosas let’s explore their health benefits in more detail to determine whether they can be considered healthy snacks.

Health Benefits of Baked Samosas

Baked samosas can offer several health benefits compared to their deep-fried counterparts, and it’s not just about the deliciousness factor! Let’s take a random spin and explore some unexpected perks:

Reduced Guilt

By choosing baked samosas, you can indulge in a savory snack without feeling too guilty. The lower calorie content means you can satisfy your cravings while still keeping an eye on your overall calorie intake.

Happy Heart

Cutting back on saturated fats found in deep-fried foods is beneficial for cardiovascular health. Opting for baked samosas reduces the amount of unhealthy fats consumed, making your heart jump with joy!

Fiber Boost

Did you know that many baked samosa fillings contain fiber-rich ingredients like peas and potatoes? This dietary fiber aids digestion, keeps you feeling fuller for longer and promotes a healthy gut.

Sneaky Nutrients

The diverse range of herbs and spices used in baked samosa fillings adds more than just flavor—it introduces an array of nutrients! From immune-boosting vitamins to antioxidant-packed compounds, these little bites pack a nutritional punch.

Remember to approach any snack—including baked samosas—with moderation as part of a balanced diet. While they offer some health benefits over fried alternatives, portion control remains essential for overall well-being.

Is Air Frying Healthier than Baking Samosas?

Air frying and baking samosas both are considered healthy alternatives to deep frying. Air fryer samosas’ calories are almost equivalent to baked samosas, the differences could be subjective on the portion size and filling ingredients.

The process of baking samosas start with brushing the samosas with a little bit of oil. The same is the case with air frying, either you use a very little bit of oil or even not at all.

If you are someone who’d like to feel the traditional richness without compromising on health then air-fried samosas are the best option for you as they come out crisp, keeping the vibe of traditional fried samosas alive. However, baked samosas are usually a little bit softer as baking excludes the crispiness.

airfrying samosa


After considering all the if and buts we have concluded that baked or deep-fried samosas are a healthier alternative to fried samosas as they hold up lower calorie count and less greasy samosas.

However, this does not mean you should have them too often because moderation is key. You can have them once in a while on get-togethers and family events.

Additionally, you can always opt for different filling options whether you are a vegetarian or non-veg, it is always healthier to add up some protein to your samosas to balance with all the fats and carbs.

We hope this guide helped with all your queries related to samosas and how you can you consume them in your diet to live a happy and healthier life!

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