Assalamualaikum, I am clinical dietician Ayesha Nasir and today’s success story is that of Abdur Rauf, who reduced 30 kgs of weight within 2 months. 

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Abdur Raufs Challenge 

When Abdur Rauf first came to consult me, he was an FSC student who had an army test to clear and needed to lose 30kgs of weight as soon as possible. This mission was extremely difficult because it had a deadline but we both were determined. 

As a dietician, my job was to outline a diet plan and a daily routine comprising both eating and exercise details. The rest was up to Abdur Rauf and I have to say, his motivation and zest were inspiring. 

First Diet Plan 

After two to three consultations, the diet plan I outlined for him is as follows. In his first diet plan, I included pre-breakfast cinnamon water, this had to be prepared the previous night by mixing an inch of Daar cheeni in a tall glass of water and had to be consumed first thing in the morning. 

After that, he would head to the gym and perform his daily exercises according to a proper training plan, by the needs of his army test. To achieve his ideal weight before the deadline, he followed his diet plan very strictly. 

Half an hour after coming back from the gym, he would have his breakfast. Tea was strictly forbidden throughout the day. Around 11 o’clock the client would have one normal-sized apple or some other fruit of choice. 

For lunch, he would have to eat one cup salan of anything other than daal or alu, along with one cup of salad and one roti of 7 inches. If he was having rice, he was advised to eat 12 tablespoons of and fill half of the plate with salad. 

Daal chawal was strictly not allowed and raita was also to be avoided. Both biryani and pulao could be consumed but nothing was to be added to it such as raita. Usually, when we eat a meal, it is a habit to add extra fats to them, which is why gaining weight is so easy. 

Around 4 in the evening, another fruit was included in the diet plan, followed by a glass of milk at 6 pm. At dinnertime, roti and chawal were both not to be consumed. This is because these heavy carbs are often not properly digested while you sleep at night and may prolong your weight loss journey. 

If he wanted to eat a starchy carb with his dinner, I advised him to eat a slice of brown bread since it is healthy and rich with fiber but also not too heavy on the digestive system. 

Another reason why I often tell my clients to not include roti in their dinner is that the size and thickness of roti in each household vary. If a 7-inch roti has 80 calories in my house, it could be having 130 calories in yours. As for brown bread, the size and thickness are standard with a total of 80 calories. 

For dinner, I suggested my client eat bar-B-Q tikkah, where a chest piece was preferred because it is the leanest part of the chicken and carries lesser calories than other parts. Here, I warned that a minimum amount of oil should be used. 

Second Diet Plan 

Upon his return for his second consultation, his weight had been reduced to 87 kg from 103 kg previously. His diet plan was then changed to include a new variety of nutrition. 

For pre-breakfast, the cinnamon water was switched to zeera (cumin) water. This required mixing one teaspoon of zeera in one-liter water at night. As soon as waking up, the client was to drink one glass of this water immediately followed by little amounts throughout the day. 

For breakfast, the diet plan included 2 boiled eggs or an omelet, with one cup of milk. After 2 hours, the same routine followed as before. Around 11 am, the plan included any piece of fruit such as a medium-sized apple. For lunch as well, either one 7-inch roti or 12 tablespoons of chawal along with fresh salad and a cup of salan. 

In the evening, the plan included some fruit around 4 pm and a cup of milk around 6 pm. This would also be switched. For dinner, bar-B-Q tikkah or kabab was advised. If the client was bored of the same routine, he was suggested to replace this with channa chaat with no alu along with one cup of salad. 

Third Diet Plan 

The third time the client came to me, he looked almost unrecognizable because he had lost so much weight. At this point, his weight stood at 77 kg. This has been common practice with many of my patients whom I cannot recognize due to rapid changes in their physiques. 

Around the third consultation, the client’s army test was only a few weeks away, so I suggested to him that he increase his physical activity to meet his weight target. His diet plan was also changed a little. Pre-breakfast remained the same glass of water with zeera, but breakfast was changed to a glass of milk and a boiled egg. 

After 2-3 hours, a fruit was to be eaten and at lunch, channa chaat or lobia chaat was prescribed. In the evening, fruit other than a banana or dates was to be eaten. Dinner was limited to only protein and brown bread was removed from the plan. 

Along with all of this, 12 glasses of water was a must throughout the day to replace the water content in the body lost during physical activity hours. And all food was to be cooked in the minimum amount of oil to limit the number of calories in the plan. 

Some Remarks 

One thing I would like to clear up is that every individual’s body responds to diet plans differently. Since the client had never been on any sort of diet before, his body changed quickly. But many clients that have gone through different diets for years come to be with bodies that have adapted to dieting in the long run, which makes weight loss a harder process for them. 

I am proud of this client’s transformation because he was motivated and honest about his journey throughout. I have not been in touch with him since his last consultation, but I hope he cleared his army test. 

Clients own Testimony

Hello, I am Abdur Rauf and I am 21 years old. I started from 103 kgs and currently stand at 73 kgs. As social media users, we come across many videos about weight loss transformation. Similarly, I came across Miss Ayesha Nasir’s video and that is when I followed her. On 21st August I have my first consultation. 

Thus began my journey in which she prescribed 3 different types of diet plans to me with a lot of variations. In times of cravings, she advised that I drink green tea or eat a handful of nuts. To be honest, with motivation nothing is unachievable. I would like to thank Miss Ayesha Nasir for all her advice that helped me get fit and healthy.