Lost 10 kgs of Weight in 3 Months (Ejaz Weight Loss)

Assalamoalaikum, I am clinical dietitian Ayesha Nasir, and today we will be talking about the weight loss transformation of Ejaz Sahab, who lost 10 kgs of weight within 3 months. 

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After three months, when he shared his before and after pictures with me, I knew we had to learn about his story and gain motivation from it. In his own words, Ejaz Sahab first found the motivation to lose weight by watching videos of dietitians online who give weight loss hacks. 

He would find out diet plans and include them in his custom diet plan. He is currently 24 years old and initially had 80 kg weight which is now 70 kg, after following a diet plan. Now, he wants to reduce a further 5 kg. He works as a set designer which requires that he perform a lot of tasks on his feet.

His Diet Plan

To get a clear picture of his current routine, I asked him about everything he ate in a daily manner. In the morning, he usually wakes up around 11 or 12 am and eats a paratha with chai with sugar. For his lunch, around 2-3 pm, he eats roti and salan. For dinner once again, he eats roti with salan. 

He also eats fruit now and then. But after he shared his plan, I noticed a few mistakes that he had been making for the past three months. If his goal was to reduce 15 kg of weight, he could have easily achieved it in 3 months if he had followed the right diet plan. 

My suggested Diet Plan 

The first fault I noticed with his current diet plan was that he was eating too much roti. Since he ate a paratha around 11 pm, eating roti again in 3-4 hours would be unwise because roti takes a lot of time to be digested. Instead of eating roti at lunchtime, he should ideally be eating roti either in the morning or at night. 

For breakfast, it would be ideal if he were to eat paratha with an egg in any form. For lunch, he would benefit most from eating channa or lobia chaat with salad, without alu, or soup made from daal with salad. And for dinner, one 7-inch roti with any salan that is available excluding daal and alu or alternately bar-b-q tikkah. He should also eat some fruit in the evening 2-3 hours before dinner. 

Another option is that he can have a cup of milk, a boiled egg, and an apple or peach. For lunch, he can eat roti with any salan available; only daal and alu are not allowed. For dinner, he can have moong masoor daal or channa chaat. 

As for physical activity, I advised him to regularly take an early morning walk for an hour every day. Walking should be in the form of a speed walk, at a pace that makes his heart beat faster than normal.  In addition, he should walk on an empty stomach since that helps burn stored fat rather than only burning food that has been consumed. 

Additional Remarks

I want to give lots of credit to him for losing 10 kg of weight on his own without any formal consultation from a nutritionist. It is an incredible effort. At first, everyone can lose weight easily with very minor changes in their diet and a little bit of exercise. But after a while, metabolism adjusts according to the daily routine, and weight loss becomes harder to achieve. 

After that period, some further adjustments need to be made in the diet plan, such as limiting the intake of starchy carbs and eliminating sugar from the diet. I hope Ejaz Sahab will be able to achieve the rest of his weight loss goal with this new diet plan. 

Thank you for reading our new transformation story. If you are also trying to lose weight but can not for some reason achieve your goal, book an appointment with us now for a personalized diet plan according to your needs.