Is pomegranate good for weight loss?

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Pomegranate is named among the most delicious yet healthiest fruits, as it contains various nutrients that help our body in many ways. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibres, which is why including pomegranate in our diet would be very beneficial for us.

This juicy fruit is considered to be linked with countless health factors, like a lower risk of breast cancer, lowered blood pressure, a lower risk of heart disease, and more. But the real question stands here: is pomegranate good for weight loss? Keep reading to learn why pomegranate is good for weight loss.

Key Takeaways:

  • You will get to know the actual benefits attached to pomegranates in the weight loss journey.
  • How you can easily make your powerful pomegranate weight loss juice in a few minutes.
  • When is the best time to eat pomegranates for weight loss?

Pomegranates Benefits For Weight Loss

Well, if you are a person who is looking for weight loss in a healthy way then pomegranates are one of the biggest natural resources for it. Here are the factors that how pomegranates will help in your weight loss journey:

Pomegranates Benefits For Weight Loss

High In Fibres

Foods naturally rich in fibre may assist you in overcoming obesity, and pomegranate is a high source of fibre, consisting of 5.5 grams per half-serving. Additionally, eating the seeds of one whole, fresh pomegranate makes up 40% of the recommended daily intake of fiber.

Hence, not only is it best for weight loss but adding it to your diet also covers up most of your everyday nutrients very well.

Rich In Polyphenols

A class of compounds, polyphenols are found in plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Although there are many benefits to these micronutrients, they are said to promote weight loss by giving a boost to your digestive system.

Therefore, along with several other drinks rich in polyphenols like black tea and green tea, pomegranate juice can aid in the reduction of body weight gain.

Low In Calories

As low-calorie diets are a typical way to lose weight, pomegranate does contain a low amount of calories, which makes it a perfect choice to add to your diet. Pomegranates, with their weight gain-blocking properties, are also effective in helping you lose some pounds in a few weeks, which means that you don’t worry about consuming this ruby-red fruit or starving yourself to get rid of those unwanted pounds.

Considering pomegranates’ calories and health benefits, don’t overlook the side effects of the overconsumption of pomegranates. Eating pomegranate seeds in large quantities or drinking pomegranate juice more than a few times a day may cause bloating or constipation.

So if you’re wondering, is pomegranate good for weight loss? Then yes, it is, as long as you’re going to keep the consumption under control, and it will positively affect your overall health.

Pomegranate Juice For Weight Loss

Several studies have shown that eating the seeds from a pomegranate is better than drinking the juice because you get a fair amount of fibre. Wondering how? Well, one cup of pomegranate juice has 1 gram of fibre, while the seeds of pomegranate give 10 times the amount of fibre as their juice. On the contrary, the seeds contain 3 grams of fat, while there’s no fat in pomegranate juice.

Though you need to understand that drinking the juice would mean that you would miss out on some nutrients, in the end, it’s up to your preference whether you want to go for more health and not only focus on weight loss, or whether you want to add the juice to your diet with other foods ready to make up for the daily dose of key nutrients that you need.

Pomegranate Juice For Weight Loss

How To Make Pomegranate Juice For Weight Loss

A natural pomegranate juice without any unnecessary ingredients is very simple. You just have to blend 250 ml of water and the seeds from one whole pomegranate.

After that, you are going to pour it into a glass with a strainer on top so you can use a spoon to extract juice from it much more quickly.


What Is The Best Time To Eat Pomegranate For Weight Loss   

While there’s no evidence that consuming pomegranates anytime can be harmful to you. There’s still some research that states the best time to eat a pomegranate is in the morning.

Drinking pomegranate juice as the first thing on an empty stomach would be beneficial for any individual. As in the morning, your body can absorb necessary nutrients easily, a nutrient-rich fruit like pomegranate is said to be the best thing you can provide for your body.

Many health benefits as well as the side effects of pomegranate consumption have been discussed. And after all these things, I think pomegranate is a healthy fruit that everyone should reconsider eating daily as it not only promotes weight loss but also helps with many other health factors, which is why it is said to be the best among the best.


So in the end, are pomegranates good for weight loss? It is pretty safe to answer that for your weight loss journey. Yes, it would be a great start with this ruby-red fruit added to your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pomegranate good for burning belly fat?

According to studies it is seen that pomegranate does help in burning belly fat. If you are consuming pomegranate regularly it will help you bring your body in shape. Furthermore, it also helps in blocking and attacking triglycerides before they start making fats in your body.

Is it safe to eat pomegranates at night?

No, it is not safe to eat pomegranates at night as it will slow down your metabolism. The fibre present in pomegranate will make it difficult for your stomach to digest at night.

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