How to Increase Weight? 11 Best Healthy Ways

How to increase weight

How to increase weight is a topic of great interest for many people. It’s worth pointing out that not all people are looking to gain weight, but some are looking to lose it!  It’s easy for some while others struggle with gaining weight. But there is no reason for this struggle when we can build … Read more

Extreme Weight Loss Methods And There Harmful Side Effects

Diet pills

Weight loss is a popular goal in the United States. 50-80% of adults are trying to lose weight at any given time, but 90-95% of those individuals will regain all weight loss within one year.  Although it may be frustrating, weight loss methods usually consider small changes over time to be the most effective way … Read more

How to Use Cinnamon for Weight Loss (Things To Know)

How to Use Cinnamon for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, everyone wants a quick fix. We all know spending hours in the gym and long, intricate diet plans are conventional ways to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle but luckily there are some silver bullets that do the work for you! Excess belly fat is linked to various health … Read more

8 Best Weight Loss Tips According to a Nutritionist in Lahore

Best weight loss tips

I am clinical dietitian Ayesha Nasir, and in this article I will share some tried and tested weight loss tips with my viewers.  Let me just start off by acknowledging that every individual body is different in terms of size and structure. And the mechanisms of weight loss that are fit for different bodies vary … Read more

Qualities Of A Good Dietitian in Lahore


In the fast paced world today, fitness is not only needed but has also become a new trend. But contrary to popular belief, being fit is not only reliant on physical exercise but also proper and balanced nutrition whether you are trying to gain, maintain or lose weight.And where exercising is mostly the easy part, … Read more

Why Get A Nutritionist? Why I Need To Consult in Lahore?

Consult a nutritionist

Often times our busy lives don’t allow us to fully focus on what we’re consuming. Maybe what we’re eating isn’t what our body needs, maybe in order to function at our body’s optimum capacity, we need compositions of food that are not known to us. A healthy diet in today’s age of fast food is … Read more

What Does A Registered Dietitian Do in Lahore?


In today’s world, every person has a different lifestyle and a whole new set of needs that come with that specific lifestyle. Say for instance, a teenage boy would have different dietary needs than a working woman in her 40s. But how do you know what your body needs at different stages in your life? … Read more