Is Sugar-Free Ice Cream Really Sugar-Free?

Sugar free ice cream

If you are health conscious individual exploring dessert options then sugar-free ice cream could be a good option for you because it holds lower sugar intake. However, sugar ice cream should not be considered completely healthy for you because it contains artificial sweeteners along with excessive fat content. In this guide, we shall be breaking … Read more

Which Doctor to Consult for Iron Deficiency?

Which Doctor to Consult for Iron Deficiency?

Iron is an extremely important mineral found in your bloodstream. Its most important function is to aid in the production of hemoglobin, an essential protein found in your red blood cells. Low iron levels can lead to low hemoglobin levels which can even lead to iron deficiency anemia. A condition that increases your fatigue levels … Read more

Are Baked Samosas Healthy? (Air Fried Samosa Calories)

is samosa good for health

Baked samosas are considered a healthier alternative compared to the traditional deep-fried version. These savory snacks are loved for their crispy pastry shells and flavorful fillings, but many people wonder if they can truly be considered healthy. In this article, we will explore the question: Are baked samosas healthy? The answer to this question is … Read more

How Long to Recover From Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

How Long to Recover From Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

“Make sure you eat your vitamins” is something you’ve probably heard from all of your elders growing up. And while all vitamins are necessary there are some that are more important than others. Vitamin B12 being one of the most important of them all. The essential vitamin plays a role in the healthy formation of … Read more

Eid Diet Plan for Weight Loss- Best Alternatives

Eid Diet Plan

Whether it’s eid-ul-fitr or eid-ul-adha, both give us muslims the chance to further strengthen our relationship with our immediate and distant relatives. They offer us a chance to spend time with our families and enjoy the festivities of this celebration right alongside them. But how do muslims celebrate the festivities of Eid? Well, in most … Read more

Do Potatoes Help Gain Weight?

Can potatoes gain weight

You love eating potatoes but might want to say goodbye to them due to the negative publicity they got. But like multiple notions, this one is also flawed, i.e., POTATOES DON’T Increase your weight…!!! Yes, you heard it right. Generally, people think that eating potatoes and thinking about losing weight don’t go hand in hand … Read more

Does Surbex Z Cause Weight Gain?(Potential Weight Effects)

Vitamins are necessary for your body’s proper functioning. They support the immune system, regulate metabolism, and promote physical growth. Multivitamins are supplements that contain a combination of minerals and vitamins. Surbex Z is one of the most popular multivitamins as it perfectly fulfills vitamin and mineral needs. Poor nutrition and compounding other conditions, including pregnancy, … Read more

Does Hot Chocolate Make You Gain Weight? (Unhealthy Ingredients Exposed)

Does Hot Chocolate Make You Gain Weight?

Do you know people who drink chocolate daily are recognized for good health and can battle all kinds of minor illnesses that disturb the calmness of life? Hot chocolate (Aka cocoa or drinking chocolate) mainly consists of melted chocolate (or cocoa powder), shaved chocolate, heated milk, water, and mostly a sweetener. Mostly topped with marshmallows … Read more