Assalamualaikum, I am clinical dietician Ayesha Nasir and I work at Holisticare. In today’s article, we will be discussing the weight loss journey of Mr. Shabbir, who has successfully reduced almost 18 kg weight within 2 months.

When he first came to me for his consultation on 13th Dec, he weighed 115 kg. Today on 14th Feb, he weighs 97 kg. This is a huge accomplishment since he is not only fitter now but is also much healthier. 

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Seeing his spectacular transformation, I wanted to share his story with all of my clients so that everyone that is looking to lose weight could gain motivation from his dedication and commitment. 

We’ll be going over in detail his ups and downs, his expertise with the diet plans, and his physical routine, so keep reading and find out all these are to this success story. 

His story 

The following is what Mr. Shabbir had to say about his journey. 

I feel very light on my feet after having lost all that weight. I am a general manager at an export-oriented textile unit and my job requires that I often stay on my feet all day. 

For the past 8-9 years, I have been a victim of bad eating habits that led me to be very overweight. I would consume a lot of junk food, full of unhealthy ingredients drenched in oils. At one point, I reached almost 120 kg. 

When I first got a diet plan recommended to me, I followed that and lost 5 kg, but I stopped following it. I was facing problems with it in terms of my health. Even though I was recovering, I was suffering from blood pressure and high cholesterol and got demotivated.

This was approximately 1.5 years ago. After some time, I got motivated again and decided to work on my health again. I then approached Ms. Ayesha Nasir on 13th December, and at that point, weighed 115 kg. She recommended a new diet plan which I followed diligently. 

The Motivation 

I was tired of constantly dealing with health issues and having to compromise my quality of life because of my weight. If I went shopping and liked a shirt, it would often not fit me. Hearing people’s negative comments about my physique also motivated me further to follow a fitness routine. 

After only a little while, my weight dropped down to 106 kg. Then she changed my diet plan and I followed the second one for a month. This leads me to this moment, where I currently weigh 97 kg. 

The first diet plan 

In this diet plan, I had to drink darcheeni water early morning which I had to prepare the night before. For breakfast, I had to eat 4 egg whites and a slice of brown bread. This meal also included some fruit like an apple. 

For lunch, I had 12 tablespoons of channa with a cup of salad. For dinner, I would eat 350 grams of chicken or fish. I didn’t suffer from any health issues, such as constipation. This diet plan was great for me. 

The Current Diet Plan 

For pre-breakfast, I have a glass of lemon water immediately after waking up. For breakfast, I have 21 almonds and a slice of brown bread with one egg in the form of an omelet. Around 11 am, I have green tea. 

For lunch, I have one bowl of salad with 4 tablespoons channay, and one piece of fruit. Around 5 pm, I again have green tea. As for dinner, I have one slice of brown bread with any home-cooked salan with the exemption of alu. 

This diet plan is quite restrictive because I requested a strict diet plan. I wanted to lose 10-15 kg every month, which was borderline unhealthy but not entirely. With this diet plan, I practice running or cycling 4-5 times a week for 6-7 km. 

I have never felt weakness with this diet plan and continued to lose 5-6 kg. I was encouraged by my family to follow my diet plan as well and this helped me achieve my goal. My wife also encouraged me and helped me every step of the way, so I would like to thank her. 

I believe going to a dietitian is critical when you want to lose weight because they can suggest a diet plan for you that considers your caloric requirements, so you don’t end up being weaker. So, I would highly recommend Ms. Ayesha Nasir as a dietitian. 

Advice from Mr. Shabbir

As long as your wish to lose weight does not come from within you, you will not be motivated to lose weight by following a diet plan. My willpower was my own so I was able to succeed. When you have made up your mind that you will honestly follow your diet plan, you will no doubt achieve your dreams. 

If at any point you feel that you are not losing weight, don’t worry. Your body is probably losing inches, so measure those to track your improvements. I wish you all the best in your weight loss journey.