Nutritionist in Lahore for Weight Gain and Muscle Gain

A person’s build mainly depends on genetic factors. That’s why; weight gain or adding muscle is not easy for a naturally thin person. Undoubtedly, diet plans, food intake and weight training can help you gain weight but to a limited extent, as gaining weight is as challenging as losing weight.

According to nutrition sciences, the ideal foods for weight gain mostly contain plant and animal proteins, full-fat dairy, starches, and healthy fats. What should be eaten entirely depends on your body type, medical conditions and fitness goals.

You can follow healthy weight gain plans and fitness training sessions to regain weight and live a healthy life. However, it is necessary to consult an experienced nutritionist to ensure your weight-gaining tactics are advantageous and appropriate for you. Remember, only professional nutritionists can recommend the most suitable diet plan for you after properly examining your health and fitness goals.

The current article highlights lifestyle adjustments for weight gain, a list of healthy food for muscle building fast and tips to increase your health.

It is essential to find the best nutritionist in Lahore for weight gain and muscle gain as only the expert nutrionist can help in determining the most suitable diet plan according to your weight gain goals.

Key Takeaway

  • Genetic factors vitally contribute to making a person thin or fat. Besides, not eating enough, over-exercising and poor medical conditions are some other reasons for lack of weight gain.
  • One of the finest ways to increase your calorie intake is to eat more meals frequently. You can take three meals or multiple snacks a day.
  • You can eat low-volume food as they contain a lot of calories. It means you can easily consume a lot more energy without eating food in large amounts.
  • You must calculate your protein needs to build your muscles fast, as protein is the building block for your entire body.
  • You should cook your meal with healthy fats to gain extra calories quickly. It is preferable to use plant-based cooking oil while preparing your meals.
  • It is impossible to determine whether you are gaining weight without tracking your progress. You can use different food-tracking apps to see whether you are eating or drinking well.
weight gain and muscle gain

Indeed, there are several nutritionists in Lahore but choosing an experienced nutritionist is critical to achieving your desired goals.

That’s why; you always choose the most suitable diet plans and have some consistency. Moreover, consult your clinical nutritionist more often and be patient, as good things take time.

Key Reasons for Not Gaining Weight or Excessive Weight Loss

No doubt, everyone is different, with a unique body type. But most people find it difficult to gain weight or lose weight excessively due to some apparent conditions.

  • Not eating enough food
  • Genetic Issues
  • Extremely active physical routine or work life
  • Over-exercising

Generally, people lose weight quickly due to eating disorders or physical disabilities. Furthermore, severe medical conditions and substance abuse make it impossible for a thin person to become fat or gain some weight.

Effective Weight Gain Tips You All Must Know

If you think you can quickly put on some weight by eating fatty food or high calories, we suggest you rethink. You must know that putting on weight is as daunting as your weight loss journey could be.

Your meal plan should be according to your preferences as you can’t start eating unhealthy food if you have complicated health issues.

Here’s what you can do for muscle building and starting your healthy weight gain journey.

Eat After Every 3 Hours

One of the best practices is to intake some calories after every 3 hours throughout the day, as it can make it easier for you to put on some weight. Your calorie consumption should be more than the number of calories you burn daily.

If you genuinely want to gain some muscles, then your diet should completely balance proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Pro Tip: Most experienced nutritionists strongly recommend avoiding skipping any of your meals throughout the day to maintain desired glucose and amino acid levels in the body.

Well-balanced glucose and amino acid levels in your blood can promote muscle recovery and growth. So, out of several nutritionists in Lahore, make sure your chosen nutritionist can treat patients according to their preferences and recommends the most suitable diet plan.

Include Protein in Every Meal You Consume

Do you know why it is important to add protein to every meal?

Protein ensures amino acid levels in your blood are consistent throughout the day as they speed up muscle building and recovery after a tiresome workout.

You can eat cheese, yogurt, fish, eggs, meat and chicken, as they all are rich in proteins. Besides, you can eat some snacks that contain excess proteins. For instance, you can use whole wheat bread and apply cheese and chicken. Also, cheese and yogurt are a delicious combo too.

Eat Healthy Fats

The most significant advantage of including fats in your meals is that they can help build muscle without stimulating the body’s fat gain. Therefore, include avocado, peanuts, olive oil, chestnuts, coconut and seeds in your routine diet. They are not only delicious but full of nutrition as well.

It’s alright if you don’t want to eat bland meals. You can show some creativity, i.e., try adding peanut butter to your bread or smoothie. Besides, you can make an avocado smoothie as it’s full of flavors and healthy.

Drink Half a Gallon of Water Daily

According to food science, drinking enough water and keeping your body hydrated are necessary for muscle building. Additionally, you need enough water to enhance your muscular cells.

Thus, we strongly recommend you keep a proper track record of your daily water intake. Avoid drinking artificial juices or sodas, as these fluids can never fulfill the deficiency of water intake.

Consuming water between meals is preferable, as drinking water with food can easily interfere with the digestive process.

Drink Half a Gallon of Water Daily

Exercise Daily

To ensure the excessive calories are being transformed into muscle building, not fat, it is essential to exercise 3 to 5 times a week. You can practice aerobics and other strength-taking exercises.

It is always a fantastic idea to consult a personal trainer to get a customized exercise plan according to your body’s requirements.

3 Days Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Here is the simple and easy to practice 3 days meal plan to put on weight.


Day 1: Take one mug of milk coffee with a whole wheat sandwich (that can contain tomato, cheese, lettuce and egg). Also, include one medium size apple in your breakfast.

Day 2: Add cocoa powder to one cup of milk. Also, take 1 tapioca with cheese and chicken. Don’t forget to eat one tangerine. Don’t worry; if you don’t have tapioca for breakfast, your clinical nutritionist can suggest something better as a substitute.

Day 3: Take 1 glass of smoothie with 2 eggs and chicken.

Morning Snacks

Day 1: Take 5-6 whole wheat biscuits and apply peanut butter on them (you can also eat peanut butter separately). Also, eat a handful of almonds as your morning snack.

Day 2: Eat a whole wheat sandwich with 2 tablespoons of avocado. Moreover, eat one egg and a banana.

Day 3: Add your favorite fruits to oatmeal. Also, eat a handful of nuts.

Lunch Or Dinner

Day 1: Eat grilled chicken with rice and beans. Make cabbage salad, and add carrots and yogurt sauce for better flavor. Moreover, include 1 orange in your day 1 lunch.

Day 2: Make pasta with tuna, corn, olive and cherry tomatoes. Moreover, you can add olive oil to lettuce and carrot salad to make it flavorsome. Make sure you have eaten any fruit as well.

Day 3: Eat a meatball with tomato sauce. Or, you can eat mashed potatoes or broccoli baked with cheese. For better flavor, you can season them with olive oil.

Afternoon Snacks

Day 1: Grilled chicken with cheese and one pear.

Day 2: 3 slices of toasted bread with cheese.

Day 3: Make an avocado smoothie with papaya. Besides, blend 1 tablespoon of chia seed and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and eat them.

It is essential to see the most experienced nutritionist to get the most formulated and personalized plan. Only the best nutritionists can recommend you the best supplements and vitamins.

Things You Should Avoid Eating

It is pretty essential to put on weight with a properly balanced diet. So, avoid consuming processed food containing excessive sugar or saturated fat. Moreover, avoiding croissants, fast food, cookies, biscuits, soda, sauces, sausages, bacons and mayonnaise is better.

Indeed, you can gain some weight after eating unhealthy food but prepare for some future health-related issues.

Things You Should Avoid Eating

Choose the Best Nutritionists In Lahore to Make your Weight Gain Journey Simpler for You

Like weight loss, weight gain is equally tricky and requires some time. Generally, the muscle can take 3 to 6 months to build and put on some weight. Nevertheless, the exact time varies from person to person as various factors can decide the ultimate period.

As you know, finding pediatric nutritionists or sports nutritionists in Lahore is possible but make sure you consult the best nutritionist who prefers private practice. Only a certified clinical nutritionist can make your entire weight loss journey easier.

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