Ispaghol Husk for Weight Loss (Benefits, Side Effects, and its Consumption)

Hello readers! I am back again with yet another video to answer your weight loss concerns and today we will be discussing how to reach your ideal weight loss goals using Ispaghol (Psyllium Husk). Before getting into the nitty gritty of today’s blog let me provide you with some background on myself.

I am a certified clinical dietitian working in Lahore. I offer services in weight loss nutrition, hypertension nutrition, child nutrition, PCOS nutrition and much more. For more information on my areas of expertise be sure to visit my website, where I interact with my patients with regular blogs. I also offer treatment in personalized nutrition and take up appointments with clients on my website.

So, getting back to Ispaghol. Psyllium husk (Ispaghol) is commonly used as a laxative but has been used for providing many other benefits as well. Ispaghol is a fiber commonly used to treat constipation and clearing out toxins from the body. Apart from treating many other underlying conditions, like diabetes and hypertension, Ispaghol is also used to achieve your weight loss goals. Let’s see how!

Ispaghol for Weight Loss

Benefits Of Ispaghol Husk for Weight Loss

1. It Is Low in Calories

One of prime reasons Ispaghol is perfect for weight loss is because it’s extremely low in calories as it is a fiber supplement. This means you can take Ispaghol 2 to 3 times in a day without increasing your calorie intake.

2. It Helps Fight Body Bulge

Since Ispaghol is used as a laxative, it helps in clearing out the colon. It strengthens your digestive system. The fiber adds bulk to the stool, improving gut movement. This helps build a stronger immune system which works to reduce fat in the body.

3. It Increases Satiety

Studies have concluded that Ispaghol reduces hunger pangs and makes you feel fuller. Upon mixing with water, it forms a gel-like consistency and increases in up to ten times its size. This helps make you feel fuller and results in increased satiety. This helps in curbing your appetite without lowering energy levels which aids weight loss.

How To Consume Ispaghol for Weight Loss

1. With Water

The easiest way to consume Ispaghol is taking it with water. Mix some Ispaghol in a glass of warm water. Add lime juice to taste to make it taste a little better and bottoms up! This will effectively curb your hunger and help in your weight loss. This works better when taken on an empty stomach.

2. With Food

Ispaghol can also be consumed after food. They way this works is by taking a spoonful of Ispaghol with your breakfast/lunch/dinner and gulp it down with a lot of water. This will help the fiber to bind with the fats in your food and help in reducing weight.

3.With Yogurt/Milk

Mix two tablespoons of Ispaghol with three tablespoons of yogurt and mix well until combined. This makes the fiber easier to eat as a meal and stops you from untimely snacking that can add up those extra pounds!

Other Health Benefits of Ispaghol

Psyllium husk not only helps to increase satiety, but it also is great for type 2 diabetes patients as it also improves glucose homeostasis and lowers glucose levels. It does this by slowing down the digestion process, so blood sugar levels don’t immediately rise after a meal.  Studies have shown Ispaghol to help with improving insulin levels, glucose tolerance and metabolism.

Ispaghol acts a bulk forming laxative and helps treat constipation by binding to partially digested food that is passing to the small intestine. This fiber is extremely water soluble and because of this it can absorb large amounts of water. This helps in increasing the moisture of stools and makes them easier to pass.

Along with treating constipation, Ispaghol may also help with diarrhea. Since it is a water absorbing, it can increase the thickness of the stool, hence slowing down its passage down the colon.

Ispaghol is also known to help reduce cholesterol levels by binding to fat and bile acids. The body then excretes these acids and then in the process of replacing them, the liver uses up cholesterol, thereby reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Moreover, psyllium husk increases good cholesterol levels, known as HDL.

In addition to all these benefits, Ispaghol is also known to be good for the heart, as told by the American Heart Association (AHA). It lowers the risk of stroke and obesity. Since psyllium husk is a water soluble fiber, it helps reduce the level of triglycerides in the body and hence lowers the risk of heart disease.

Moreover, Ispaghol has prebiotic effects meaning it helps nourish good bacteria in the body and helps them grow. One its many beneficial qualities is that its fermentation process is very slow which means that it does not elevate gas or discomfort when take with food.

It is also used in treating some symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). For more information on managing PCOS from the best clinical dietitian in Lahore refer to the PCOS/PCOD blog that is up on my website!

Side Effects of Ispaghol

Although Ispaghol is very safe to consume, there are some side effects for special instances that must be considered before one takes it regularly.

  • The consumption of Ispaghol in excess might result in the absorption of important minerals in the body. This can cause the mineral levels to drop.
  • If you are taking other medication, it would be safer to look up the interaction of those medication with psyllium husk as it can halter the absorption of certain medications and reduce their effects.
  • Doses of 5-10 g of Ispaghol three times a day is a safe amount. However, consuming more than that may result in bloating, gas or intestinal discomfort.
Ispaghol for Weight Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we take Ispaghol daily?

Yes, Ispaghol is completely safe to be consumed daily. 10-20 grams of Ispaghol with 8 ounces of water helps reduce cholesterol and up to 20 grams of it can help with constipation.

Should Ispaghol be taken in the morning or at night?

It is best to take Ispaghol with a meal or 30 minutes before a meal. It can also be taken on am empty stomach before breakfast. If taken for constipation it is taken mixed with water, when it takes a gel like consistency, as opposed to drinking water afterwards.

Does Ispaghol cause gas?

When taken in moderation, Ispaghol does not cause gas. Instead it helps with gastrointestinal discomfort. However, an excess of the fiber can cause bloating and problems in gas retention. So, moderation is key!

How long can Ispaghol be taken?

Psyllium husk usually takes about 12-72 hours to work and produce a bowel movement so it is not advised to take an excess of it during that time period. Do not take Ispaghol for seven days in a row without a doctor’s or a dietician’s advice as taking a laxative for that long may cause sever intestinal problems.


In conclusion, with its long list of medical and health benefits, Ispaghol can be a very good addition to your diet as a fiber supplement. If taken regularly and as prescribed in the ways above, it can be greatly helpful in weight loss whilst also being a healthy alternative to restrictive diet regimens.

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