Ayesha Nasir

Does Masturbation Cause Weight Gain?

Over the years, masturbation has been heralded as a sexual activity that comes with many benefits both to your mental and physical health. It’s been linked with reducing stress and promoting relaxation as well as clarity of thought. Despite its proposed benefits, there are some who’re against daily masturbation and even go as far as … Read more

How to Gain Weight on Face in 7 Days?

As you grow older it’s only natural for your face to sag and thin, a physical change that is unavoidable. Or is it? Improvements in science and the increase of the overall awareness among people has led to the advent of multiple home remedies and procedures that can return the plumpness to your face. In … Read more

Are Poultry Eggs Healthy?

Are poultry eggs healthy

Eggs are a staple in almost every person’s diet. We eat them almost daily and for good reason as well, as they provide our bodies with plenty of nutrients that we wouldn’t otherwise receive. Not to mention the amount of protein these supply our body with. However, recently individuals have started asking: Are poultry eggs … Read more

Are McDonalds Salads Healthy?

macdonalds salad

Every McDonalds lover out there has tried to prove plenty of times in the past that its salads are delicious and also healthy, as in they contain a minimal amount of calories. Most of us remember the kale salad fiasco of 2016 where a reputable news channel, CNBC, pitted a McDonald’s Salad calories Vs. Big … Read more

Is Chop Suey Healthy?

chop suey

The Chinese have come up with plenty of healthy dishes in our time and even though most of them aren’t to our taste, you cannot deny that they don’t provide some serious health benefits. Chop suey is another classic Chinese dish that’s started gaining plenty of popularity among Pakistani households. The dish itself is basically … Read more

Is Chicken Feet Healthy?

is chicken feet healthy

Most people around the world find eating chicken feet unsavory and it’s often discarded as a waste product. However, in some parts of the world chicken feet is part of people’s regular cuisine. In fact, chicken feet have gained quite the popularity in several regions fairly recently including South Africa, Mexico, Asia, Trinidad and Jamaica. … Read more

Is Brown Sugar Healthy in Coffee?

brownsugar in coffee

The existence of sugar in coffee has always been a debatable topic among coffee lovers. Some absolutely abhor the idea, saying that it reduced coffee’s original, bitter taste. While others love adding some sugary treats to their morning cup of joe, claiming that the sugar makes it feel like morning bliss that wakes you up … Read more

Is Baingan Bharta Healthy?

baingan ka bharta

Brinjal or baingan might not be your most favorite vegetable, but no one can deny its several health benefits. Which is primarily why baingan bharta as a dish is so popular among people of the subcontinent. It’s primarily an Indian dish that’s made using baingan as the key ingredient along with other vegetables like tomatoes … Read more

Can Iron Deficiency Cause Tooth Decay?

can iron deficiency cause tooth decay

Iron deficiencies are one of the most common types of anemia out there. About ⅓ of the population in the entire world suffer from iron deficiencies. Numerous factors can play a part in causing these deficiencies including poor diet, side effects of a major intestinal disease or even your genes. Recently, an iron deficiency has … Read more

Rimona Capsules for Weight Loss (Benefits and Ingredients)

rimina sachet for weight loss

Rimona capsules are currently being marketed as the ultimate dietary health supplement for women. These capsules are being praised particularly for how fast they are and how they can help control and improve the symptoms of weight loss in women. However, to develop a complete understanding of its benefits and effectiveness, you need to know … Read more